Frequently asked questions

My child’s birthday is approaching shortly. How does this influence the level that I pick?

The child’s age on October 10th (the registration deadline) is to be used to assign the criteria for levels.

Can I register my child for a higher level than the criteria listed on the website?

Yes. If you choose to register your child for a higher level than they qualify for then this is acceptable, but you understand that they will be competing with children who will be older than them.

Can I register my child for a lower level than the criteria listed on the website specified?

No. You may not enter for a lower level than the age limit specified for that level as this will put your child at an unfair advantage compared to other children in the level. If the date of birth is not consistent with the level selected, then the child will automatically be moved up to the appropriate level corresponding to their age.

Will I be notified if I am selected in the Qualifer?

Yes, the top 20 finalists will be notified, so that they can to prepare.

Can the same surah be selected for round 2 as was used in round 1?

No. Finalists must select a different surah for round 2.

Can the same surah be selected for round 2 as was used in round 1?

No. Finalists must select a different surah for round 2.

Is this a physical event or a remote event?

Due to the COVID-19 situation, this is a virtual event. Participants will compete in round 1 by providing a video file. Finalists in round 2 will compete live using a remote platform.

How do I upload my recitation file in round 1?

Instructions can be found on the”upload video” page.

What is the registration fee?

The Registration fee is $10 USD per registrant (per participant).

What is the mission of this competition?

To bring girls from different corners of the world on a single platform while encouraging them to memorize the words of Allah SWT

What Is IQC’2020?

International Qur’an Competition 2020

How many minutes of the video should I upload?

3 minutes (max)

What’s the last date of registration?

October 4, 2020

When will the competition start?

Quarterfinal starts on October 17, 2020. The selection for 20 participants for Quarterfinal will happen between October 5 and October 16.

Where can I watch this competition when it starts?

Maryam’s YouTube and Facebook channel as well as EPIC YouTube Channel

In group 1, which surah should we recite?

Any Surat between Surat Ad-Duha to Surat An-Nas. Try to record multiple Surah if the total length is less than 3 min.

In group 2, which surah should we recite?

Any Surat between Surat An-Naba to Surat Al-Layl. Try to record multiple Surah if the total length is less than 3 min.

In group 3, which surah should we recite?

Any Surat for 3min (max)

What if I miss the registration deadline?

You won’t be able to register after October 4, 2020

What should I do first, register or upload a video?

Register and then Upload

Why is there a 10$ fee?

To cover the costs related to honorarium for judges, prizes and platform.

What should I do, if I am unable to make payment?

$10 fee is mandatory

Can I make the payment offline, or make a direct bank transfer?


Why am I being asked to pay .25 cents additionally?

We incur charges by the financial institutions for any online transaction. You are sharing that cost with us.

Is there any number to contact for queries?


Where should I send my queries?

Please email us at quran@myqca.org

Can I share video via mail rather than uploading it on the website?

No, we will NOT be able to accept video recordings via any other method. Please upload it using the website upload option.

The website is taking too long to load, what should I do?

Please check your internet connection.

I Just turned 18 can I participate?


Do I need to be a hafiza to take part in the competition?


Will participants get certificates

Under consideration

I don’t have money, but I want to take part, what should I do?

At this time we are not offering any financial assistance

I’m not from the USA, can I participate?


I am unable to make the payment, what should I do?

If it’s a technical issue, please use the paypal method. There is a detailed walk through on the website for your assistance.

My country doesn’t support the payment method, what should I do?

Unfortunately this is the only payment method available at this time.

Why can’t boys participate?

InshaAllah in the future we plan to organize a boys and girls competition.

Is this a Girls only Competition?


How will I be informed if my video is selected?

You will be contacted through your email address

How will I get the money If I win?

QCA will contact you for delivering the Prize money (should you win)

Can siblings participate in the competition?

Yes but each person pays registration fee separately.

Is there any participation limit?

No, but you may upload your video for the qualifying round only ONCE.

I’m unable to upload the video, what should I do?

Please refer to the walkthrough video.

What is the ideal size of the video?

It should not cross the 3 minute mark.

What Surah to be recited in the semi-finals and finals?

The judges will ask the participant to recite from the portion of the quran according to her age group.

What are the scoring criteria?

Check out: https://www.quran.myqca.org/rules

Who is Hosting this event?

Organized by QCA and EPIC Masjid. Hosted by Maryam Masud

Who is Organizing this event?

Organized by QCA and EPIC Masjid

After registering, what if I don’t want to take part?

Registration fee is non-refundable

Will I get a refund, if I cancel?


How should I contact the IQC team if I need any help?


I’m not comfortable recording a video, will audio work?

No, as this is memorization competition

The data I’m giving to your website, is it safe?


I just completed the registration and then uploaded the video. How do I know that the video is uploaded successfully?

You will be notified via email

Do the participants have to memorise all the surahs given in the registration page?


Is it the choice of the participant to choose any surah and recite it when they reach the finals?

No, it has to be as per age Guidelines and judges will select the surah or portion that you will recite from memory. Check out: https://www.quran.myqca.org/rules

I am from India, do I have to pay any fee for registration?


Who are the judges?

Hafiza Maryam Masud, Hafiz Huzaifa Siddique, Hafiz Kamal Uddin and Sister Hadeel Salman

I have uploaded the video, but while submitting it’s showing an error occurred, What should I do?

Please refer to the walkthrough video on www.quran.myqca.org

When should I upload the video?

Register first and then upload the video as soon as possible. Must upload before October 4, 2020

I am 20 years, is there a way I could participate?


I wanted to know about the quarterfinal, semifinals and finals, when will it be held?

Quarterfinal will start on October 17, 2020. A Detailed schedule will be released soon.

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