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Shaykh Afdal Feroz was born and raised in the USA. He undertook the traditional style of learning Islam and embarked on his Quranic memorization at the age of 9 following this with his Alim course studies. He has been an Imam and Khateeb, delivering lectures and courses, for the past 31 years. He is one of the co-founders of Masjid Abdullah and Abdullah Academy located in the USA and a founding Trustee and Executive Board member of the British Board of Scholars and Imams (BBSI) in the UK.

Shaykh Feroz is also the founder and chairman of a successful healthcare company that focuses on providing cutting-edge cancer treatment in various parts of the world. 

Shaykh also sits on multiple boards of multinational companies and charitable organizations and spends his time between the US, UK and the Middle East




Ustadh Baajour helped establish Masjid Eissa-Ibn-Maryam as one of the most vibrant Masjids in the NY area. Ustadh Baajour is currently in the process of completing his Master’s Degree in Islamic Education from Mishkah University.

Hadeel Salman is currently serving as the Director of the Quran Department at Qalam Collegiate Academy, the first and all girls Islamic School in the greater DFW area. Born and raised in Egypt, Hadeel migrated to Cape Cod, MA, almost 20 years ago. She earned her Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMASS Boston). Her Thesis was a series of research papers and interviews with American Muslim women and their Hijab stories. She also has received Ijaaza (authorization) in the science of Tajweed from the MAS Quran Institute in Richardson, TX. In addition to her role at QCA, Hadeel volunteers her services teaching tajweed and Arabic to non-Arabic speaking sisters in the community. She continues to teach at Cape Cod Sunday Islamic School virtually since her move to TX 6 years ago with her husband and three children. Hadeel is very active in the Public school sector and volunteers regularly giving talks to her children’s public school teachers and Principals on Islam in general and the Muslim women in particular.

Kamal has taken part in many performances throughout the U.K and has impressed the internationally known propagator of Islam, Dr Zakir Naik, whilst performing during his talks. He has also had the honour to perform alongside other Nasheed artists such as Yahya Hawa, Ahmed Bukhatir, Zain Bhikha and many more. He is now working closely with IQRA Promotions, Sheffield on many new projects including his third Album along with a Nasheed Video.




Haafiza and Influencer

Maryam Masud is a 9th grade student and social media influencer living in New Jersey, USA. She has memorized the entire Holy Qur’an at the tender age of 9.

She is the host of the kid’s program “Quran With Maryam” on multiple Social Media Platforms. She has participated in many national and international competitions, many of which she has won. Maryam has more than 2 million Subscribers/Followers across Social Media Platforms (YouTube and Facebook).

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